This game was made for Ludum Dare 34. Not only was this my first Ludum Dare but it was also my first completed game. You can think of it as an Endless Runner style of game.

You need to avoid the birds chasing you and keep your stamina in the green. As you fly around, you will lose stamina. Letting go of the flying button will gain back stamina but you want to make sure you don't fall of the screen. Instructions are on the splash screen.

This version has been modified a bit from the Ludum Dare entry, new content includes:

  1. Clouds that fall smoother, slower, and in wave patterns.
  2. Bonuses are now much easier to grab and spawn at better intervals. They are slower falling and fall in a wavy pattern
  3. Score is properly calculated if you kill birds with your super power
  4. The 3 bonuses are still included however the Star Bonus now makes you invincible for about 4 seconds, note that you'll still lose stamina
  5. You can now use the Left Control key to fire your super power (sonic scream) and use the Left Alt button to fly around the screen (directed with the mouse pointer still). This should help those with touchpads.

*** UPDATE - 4/21/2016 ***

So during LD35 I got some questions about this entry from LD34 and, as I already knew, there were some issues with this game. So I think I have everything fixed, if you see any errors please let me know email


  1. Sprites no longer show up as black blobs on screen. Why this was occurring is beyond me, I simply recompiled it in 5.3.4f and it was fixed.
  2. Clouds spawn a little less frequently but more importantly the clouds that appear on top of the player spawn much less frequently.
  3. Bonuses appear more often
  4. Bonuses no longer fall straight down, they fall in a floating feather like pattern.
  5. Birds spawn more often, be careful!
  6. In the WebGL version, when flying to the top, left, right, or bottom position, the player in now properly clamping to the camera area so you don't actually kill yourself. Note you will still die if you are not actively flying and fall off the screen.

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