I totally trashed my idea for the card game I was working on and instead bring you this very crappy shooter! Aren't you excited? Other than the time limit, this entry would have qualified for the Compo but between life butting in and my other idea falling short, I had limited options.

I'm sure there are more than a few bugs. About 6 hours of work is all I put into this.

Unity 3D
Bfrx for the lovely sound effects
Paint.Net for the even more lovely graphics

Your player is a bug spray can in the center of the screen, right clicking fires the sprayer once per click.

Shooting bugs (ants actually, never got a chance to implement anything else) increases your time limit and your score.

Missing with a puff of spray completely removes 1 second from your timer.

Bugs hitting you remove score as well as seconds from your timer.

Word of warning, bug spawning can literally occur anywhere within the camera's view, including right next to the player. If it immediately collides it just destroys the bug with no penalty but sometimes they'll be so close that you can't hit them.

If I have time over the next couple days I'll try to work out bugs but work will take up a lot of my time this week and not to mention I awoke this morning to some sort of crud.

Download the Game

Known bugs:
Sometimes puffs overlap and stick on screen, they'll disappear after 5 seconds
On the game over screen, the bottom left label should read "High Score"

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